nibel1Nibelungen Saga.  Doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it?  Don’t let that stop you from checking out The Games Foundation’s Kickstarter campaign to make this tongue twister a reality.  So, what is Nibelungen Saga?  It’s described as an action adventure in the vein of Rune, and God Of War.  The difference here is that the story of Nibelungen Saga is based on an ancient legend that is responsible for inspiring much of the Tolkienesque fantasy we’re all familiar with.  It’s like the hipster of fantasy lore.

The game itself puts you in control of legendary warrior Sigvard, as well as the beautiful young queen, Gudrun.  Working together you’ll have to protect the kingdoms riches from a horribly evil swamp creature named Fafnir.  You can head to the official Kickstarter page to find out more.  If it seems a little derivative, it’s only because everyone else has taken the story and tweaked it.  Nibelung is to LOTR as The Sonics are to Nirvana.

Want more details on some gameplay features?  Let’s play a game.  Using only the words in all caps on the Nibelungen Kickstarter page, let’s see if you can get an idea :


You had me at dissect.

More gameplay highlights include full voice overs for all NPC’s, a combat system that gives you direct control over the sword and shield, an advanced physics engine, and destructible environments.

Head over to the Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter page for much more information, including a very detailed funding video.  While you’re at it, check out their first update which includes some nice cinematics set to Manowar of all bands.  Gotta respect that!  The Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter campaign runs until November 7th, and has a funding goal of $60,000.

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