drop3A love letter to Mega Man X, Super Metroid and a powerful adventure for my daughter.”  How do you not take a closer look at a Kickstarter campaign with an opening line like that?  Whether you buy into the heart string pulling of the daughter thing, Mega Man and Metroid inspiration are always worth a curious glance to the coal hearted gamer.  With Drop by Bryan Heermskerk we’ve got a pretty unique twist.  It’s a side scrolling platformer (Mega Man / Metroid) where you play the part of a hulking robot and the girl he’s tasked with protecting.  It’s like a Mega Man, Metroid, Bioshock, Ico stew.  But don’t think it’s all homage’s and tributes, Drop has some unique elements to add :

  • Swap which character you control based on the situation and the necessary strategies
  • “No Stage Death” where falling off the stage doesn’t mean controlling crushing frustration, but a sweat inducing escape from death
  • A skippable rail shooter segment to start each stage that impacts the forthcoming level

drop2When you check out the Kickstarter campaign page, keep one thing in mind while you watch the funding video.  The gameplay is still very early, and as such, the animations are not complete.  According to the developer the demo video is running at 10 fps (gasp!), while the final game will be at 60 fps, a world of difference.  Funding will afford the time it takes to create the silky smooth animation we’ve all come to expect.  Check out the update from September 12th to get a better idea of how the final game will flow.

The Kickstarter campaign for Drop runs until October 9th, and has a funding goal of $85,000.  While you’re looking around be sure to check out Bryan’s official website.  He’s a designer and concept artist and has some great work on display.

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