neo1Game development is a lot of work, so getting help from your friends can help.  Getting help from thousands of friends?  Even better, hopefully.  That’s the thinking behind Neo’s Land, a fantasy MMO being developed by Neojac that’s currently looking for some additional funding through Kickstarter.  In the game, players will have the opportunity to create everything from houses and personal dungeons, to the entire economy.  While there’s a world full of terrain, enemies, mythos, and so on, the rest needs to be created by those playing.  On top of all that, to advance the world’s technology and further civilization, the community will need to do their research and possibly explore the world for much needed resources.  Here are some other highlights that may be of interest :

  • There is no starting map of the whole game world, just what people know in the immediate area and the vast frontier beyond. Is the world flat or round? Good question, sounds like a job for a group of adventurous travelers.
  • Terrain editing is also supported… along with mines, tunnels, dungeons.
  • There will be Instanced and Non-Instanced Dungeons.  While we did say there would be no Instanced Buildings, dungeons come in both flavors. Players can decide if they want their own dungeon open or private.
  • Pets and mounts.
  • Trading, but no auction houses.
  • Mining and farming in that you actually farm plants and raise livestockneo2.”

Sound too good to be true?  A Tale In The Desert is a long-running MMO with a similar concept.  However, there are several key differences.  The only real combat in ATITD was whether extreme left wing politics were better than extreme right wing politics.  ATITD doesn’t feature terraforming, and it’s use of player owned land is limited.  And finally, ATITD plays more like a life simulator, rather than a fantasy role playing game.  If Neo’s Land turns out as advertised we’ll have a game that takes the very best elements of ATITD and adds some compelling gameplay elements to the over arching social experiment.

Check out the Neo’s Land Kickstarter campaign page for additional game information, and the vast amounts of backer incentives.  Funding runs until October 9th with a goal of $100,000.

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