cbAlan Noon of Black Black Beast has officially cancelled the Kickstarter campaign for his retro inspired ground level Breakout clone Castle Breakers.

Originally launched on September 23rd, the campaign started out well enough, raking in $730 the first day against a $35,000 target.  While that’s below what It would need to average throughout the month to hit the goal, it’s a good start for a project that didn’t get much publicity.  The trouble started soon after.  Day two saw $160, then $36 on day three, and then a $15 loss today presumably due to a backer pulling out.

Alan then posted an update that read in part :

Obviously, this Kickstarter has gotten off to a slow start. At this pace, Castle Breakers is not on track to reach its funding goal. Now that the intense crunch mode leading up to the launch is over, I have been able to step back and take a hard look at the situation. Several issues have been identified. Unfortunately, due to some of Kickstarter’s policies, not all of the problems with the campaign are easily remedied on the fly.

At this point, I believe the best option is to cancel this project, retool it, and relaunch at a later date.

It’s unclear what those situations are.  Most likely they have to do with the backer rewards, as they’re pretty well locked in once you launch.  Another concern was the lack of updates during the time the campaign was running, the only communication came today announcing the cancelation.

Alan states that the Castle Breakers campaign will re-launch on Monday September 30th.  The front page of the Kickstarter campaign states 10/30/13, which looks to be a typo, so look for it this coming Monday.

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