jpIf you grew up gaming in the late 80’s and early 90’s you’ve undoubtedly heard of James Pond.  Maybe it was the great gameplay, the cute graphics, or just the pun riddled nature of the games.  Provided everything goes according to plan you’ll be able to relive those days with your favorite cod.  Gameware has acquired the rights to the James Pond franchise and are looking to re-launch it with help from members of the original team.

At this point there’s very little that’s been completed.  They have the rights, some members from the original team, and some seed money.  The only thing relating to the new game you’ll find are two pieces of concept art, and an outline of what the team hopes to accomplish with their new platformer.  With the initial funding it appears that the team is primarily focused on creating another game in the great series, rather than changing things up.  So you’ll still have the non-linear, boss level, vehicle driving, platforming gameplay from the original series.  Their wish list is a much bolder, explaining they’d like to add a wide variety of new features, including physics, more unique levels, and game themes, among other things.

Gameware isn’t looking to re-write history, or even change the world, it looks like they just to make an old school platformer with characters people already love.  You can help them get to their £100,000 goal by checking out their Kickstarter campaign between now and October 20th.

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