raindrop2Another survival game has hit Kickstarter in the wake of The Long Dark’s successful campaign.  That’s not an insult, because while Raindrop appears to share some elements with The Long Dark, it appears to be taking things in a much different direction.

Raindrop is being billed as an “environment driven, survival game that includes fully explorable levels with intuitive, complex puzzles.”  It features a horror themed storyline that is still a bit under wraps, but if the screenshots are any indication, they have the atmosphere down pat.

Some of the more notable features from the game :

  • A dynamic weather, day, and night environment cycle system
  • Physics, fluid, electrical, mechanical, and logic based puzzles
  • Advanced item looting and customization system
  • Weight and size based inventory system
  • Customizable and drivable vehicles
  • A workshop for item customization
  • The ability to play the game without shooting and killing

Funding for Raindrop runs until November 11th and it has a $144,000 target.

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