boogermanThere’s another Sega Genesis retro-revival Kickstarter happening.  This time it’s Toy Ghost looking to raise $375,000 to make a new Boogerman game.  Boogerman was, of course, a side scrolling platformer where you did about what you would expect from a game with a title like “Boogerman : A Pick and Flick Adventure.”  The games’ title and embarrassingly bad advertising disguised what was a pretty solid side scrolling in the twilight years of the Genesis with some good animated graphics.

The new game appears to be mostly concepts at this point, with no gameplay demos or solid screenshots.  It is mentioned that this is not a remake of the original Boogerman, but rather a continuation of the series that will include remakes of some of the original’s more memorable levels.   Unfortunately this falls in line with other recent Sega Genesis Kickstarter misses such as James Pond, Mutant Football League, and General Chaos 2.  As much as people love the games of their childhood, even fanboys want more than campaigns based entirely on nostalgia tend to offer.

Kickstarter for Boogerman runs until November 20th and has a funding goal of $375,000.

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