obduction1Cyan, creators of the mega-hit Myst, are back again with a new game.  At least they will be provided they can raise $1.1 million before November 16th.  The new game, titled Obduction, isn’t a typo, and promises to follow the tradition set by their previous titles.  Players will find themselves abandoned in a graphically rich fantasy world that forces them to solve puzzles to find out what in the world is happening.  One question lingering over a lot of people is whether the game will be free roaming, or follow the Myst “node” route where each step forward us a static screen.  Well, the answer is both.  From a recent update :

Question : Is Obduction going to be a FPS genre or the same point and click style as Myst & Riven?

Answer : We’re hoping to make Obduction both ways. Of course it will include a mode for free roam where you’re free to explore where you want to. But we’re also planing on a “nodal” point & click mode that allows the player to simply click to move or turn – similar to the original Myst but in the realtime 3D environment.

Other than that there’s not a whole lot else known about the game, but that’s ok.  With Myst and Riven it was about coming for the pretty pictures, and staying for the pretty pictures.  Sure, there was a story, but it was secondary to the graphics and puzzles.  And I say this as someone that’s read all of the Myst books!

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