churble2CrashGem’s Churbles is an adorably cute, Conker looking, Final Fantasy inspired RPG currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  You play as a Churble, which is a basically a bad-ass hamster.  After choosing between the three character classes, which include warrior, rogue, and mystic, you’ll free roam the world of Churble.  As you explore you’ll come across enemies that will pull you into turn based combat, hence the Final Fantasy reference.  Unlike Final Fantasy though, Churbles allows for a ton of character customization that includes not just how they look, but how they play.

churble3With its cartoonishly cutesy graphics and cast of adorable characters it may be easy to write off Churbles as a kids-only-RPG-lite.  However, based on what how the developers described things, there’s the potential that this could be a fairly deep gameplay experience, but without the soap opera emo drama of Final Fantasy.  Check out the Kickstarter page for a gameplay filled funding video, as well as lengthy entries on the direction CrashGem is taking things.  The official Churbles website is also worth a look, as it has more info, wallpapers, videos, and icons.

The Kickstarter campaign for Churbles runs until November 17th and has a funding goal of $15,000.

Oh, and Churbles project lead Barrett Brooks and Orlando Bloom separated at birth?  Likely!


Hmm. Maybe Jamie Kennedy?

Hmm. Maybe Jamie Kennedy?


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