beeswing1Think of Beeswing from Jack King-Spooner not so much as a game, but rather a love letter to what, and who, made him the man he is today.  Set in a small town in rural Scotland, Beeswing  isn’t about puzzles or combat; in fact, you won’t find either.  It’s about exploring the town of Beeswing, getting to know its inhabitants, and experiencing a sliver of Jack’s life in his younger years.

Artistically Beeswing doesn’t just rely on chatting it up with the neighbors to get the point across, it also has some unique artistic styling.  The graphics feature Jack’s own watercolor artwork, as well as stop-motion claymation, and graphite sketches.  All of the music is of Jack’s making as well, and the samples available on the Kickstarter page do a solid job of evoking the emotions.  As an aside, I don’t know anything about the song played during the funding video, or if Jack made it, but check it out, it’s fantastic.

The whole experience of Beeswing might sound like a bunch of “hippy crap” to some, but there’s something to be said for someone sharing a part of themselves with something other than a Facebook post.

The Beeswing Kickstarter runs until November 17th and has a goal of just over £2,000.

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