conexpress2When you absolutely, positively have to kill zombies while delivering packages, there’s Confederate Express.  This old-school Syndicate looking RPG shooter tasks players with delivering packages while avoiding zombies, rebels, robots, and authorities.  The Way The World Works, unfortunately, is that sometimes a lowly deliveryman must go to work with an arsenal of weapons just to get from point A to point B.

We Understand, that the whole sprite graphics thing may be getting tired to some people, but in Confederate Express they appear to be separating themselves with the overall quality of the sprites, as well as the great lighting.  The variety of absurd death animations harkens back to the golden age of adventure games certainly adds something as well.

conexpressIn addition to everything shown in the to-the-point Kickstarter video, there’s a variety of other features worth noting, such as permadeath, crew management, and the ability to upgrade and modify your equipment.  No word yet on any Flight 705 inspired shenanigans.

The Kickstarter campaign for Confederate Express has a funding target of $10,000 that must be met by November 20th.

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