src1Paul Rudd and Gary Oldman made a surprising joint announcement earlier this week regarding their professional future as a newly formed team called SeaCliff Interactive.  Forgoing the usual trappings of golden toilets and diamond encrusted Ferrari’s, the pair announced that they’re working on computer game!  What’s more, the duo are heading to Kickstarter to help fund it!

Their upcoming game, called Super Roman Conquest, is a sprite-tastic Roman era side scrolling RTS.  During the Kickstarter video, Paul, referred to as his character name of Matt in the video, throws his famous comedic chops out the window and laments the current state of side scrolling strategy games, stating that there’s really no strategy or thought involved.  From there, Gary, playing the character Tim, displays his classic sense of timing by immediately going into how the pair are resolving the pesky single plane issue present in approximately 100% of other side scrolling games by adding additional lanes for your units to move about on.  So it’s basically MoreD; which is still significantly less than the classic Pong6D, but very impressive none the less.

mattAll of the normal strategy game treats you would expect can be found in Super Roman Conflict. There’s unit recruitment, equipment upgrades, siege weapons, not to mention all of the environmental elements that will affect combat, such as weather, terrain, and the various seasons.

timIf you’re a bit skeptical that two world class actors can pull off such a uniquely bold project, have no fear.  The pair have actually been spending much of their time for the past several years working at the late, great, LucasArts. Between the two of them they’ve worked on Star Wars 1313, The Old Republic, The Force Unleashed 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and Star Wars First Assault.  Full of energy these guys are.

Head over to the Super Roman Conquest Kickstarter page and consider supporting Paul and Gary Matt and Tim in reaching their $30,000 funding goal prior to November 22nd.

You know, make that November 21st, the Xbox One comes out on the 22nd.

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