bolt2Kickstarter isn’t just the domain of space shooters, RPG’s, and dating sims; in fact, this golden age of Kickstarter was due in large part to an adventure game.  In keeping with that tradition a new adventure game Kickstarter campaign started today.  There’s a trio of well respected adventure developers involved, responsible for such gems as the Quest for Glory series, the recent Leisure Suit Larry remake, and the fantastic Pizza Morgana.  It’s also got a unique hook as far as games go.  Last, but not least, it won’t see the light of day unless the developers can hit their funding target.

Bolt Riley – A Reggae Adventure is a joint that brings together Corey and Lori Cole with Oded Sharon.  While those names may not be immediately familiar to many, between them they’ve got a ton of adventure game experience.  While Oded and his team appear to be the driving force behind the game, the Cole’s have made significant design contributions.

bolt3The game follows Bolt Riley, obviously, as he struggles to Get Up, Stand Up, and improve his life through music, friendship, and other forms of inspiration.  You’ll guide Bolt as he forms his band, writes and produces music, performs live, and hopefully becomes the biggest thing since the Marleys.  The game uses 2D cel animation that the Kickstarter video shows off nicely.  With this being a Reggae themed game the music is obviously important, and the developers promise we won’t be disappointed.  As a self proclaimed fan of the genre, developer Oded Sharon says that there will be an original soundtrack full of beautiful tunes from independent musicians to discover and enjoy.  So while you’ll be missing out on some classic Busty Brown or Paragons tracks, by supporting the game you’ll be discovering some new music and support independent developers and musicians.

Having over $300,000 already invested in it, Bolt Riley is reportedly in a playable Alpha state, and they’re just looking for $120,000 to finish it up.  The deadline for pledging is November 25th.

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