infected2Alone In The Dark, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil.  All are classic fixed camera horror games that scared gamers with creepy atmosphere, claustrophobic surroundings, and frightening visuals.  The team at Creazn Studio is hoping to bring a bit of that feeling back to modern horror gaming with Infected, or I nfected.  Set in a world where a killer virus has taken hold of humanity, up to 4 players at a time must navigate a variety of spooky environments in search of anti-viruses to keep them alive.  See, each character has been infected with the dreaded virus and are slowly being turned into a zombie as the game progresses, the anti-virus will slow the transformation, but it’s not a permanent cure.  This raises a particularly interesting scenario in co-op; do you give your friend an anti-virus you find, or take it for yourself?  Are you willing to help your friends survive, and even simply walk, in order to put yourself in the best position possible?

Unlike the classics mentioned earlier, Infected contains some light RPG elements in that there are four playable characters to choose from each with their own unique skills and motivations.  In addition to that there are the usual puzzles you would expect, the ability to use stealth to avoid combat, randomly generated environments, and even the choice to use a third person, or the classic fixed, camera angle.

The Kickstarter campaign for Infected runs until December 7th and has a funding target of $35,000.  Gameplay footage of this promising horror title is due soon, so keep checking back.

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