incredible corpse2The team that brought us the thoroughly enjoyable Walking Dead Chronicles game, along with several other TV licenses, has hit Kickstarter in the hopes of funding their own original IP.  The Incredible Corpse takes place in a world where aliens have invaded and stolen everyone’s brains to use as power for their technology.  Never known for not fighting back, even without brains, the humans rise up against their unwelcome alien overlords and launch a zombie assault.  Strangely enough, you play a zombie for a change; you’ll work your way through a variety of environments solving environmental puzzles, sneaking from point to point, attacking aliens, and eating brains.  The gameplay shown in the Kickstarter video looks pretty slick, complete with a wide variety of 50’s inspired aliens in a wide range of environments.  In addition to that, the developers promise to keep the shadier aspects of freemium pay models found in other mobile games out.

So we’ve got a very experienced team with a game that already looks slick, why head to Kickstarter?  With this being an original creation, and not a licensed property, the developers are funding this one out of pocket, and they need a little help.  The campaign is to get the appropriate music and sound effects into the game, create bosses, and stat upgrades.  They’re also looking to solicit community feedback, which backers can participate in with pledges for as little as $1.00.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Incredible Corpse has a funding target of $60,000, and has a November 29th deadline.

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