Everyone knows that Myst was a major reason people bought CD Rom drives for their computers back in the day.  Dropping a few hundred bucks on a peripheral of limited use was worth it when you saw it in action.  However, the other game that people upgrade for was The 7th Guest, a horror puzzle hybrid from Trilobyte.  While Myst was nice looking, it lacked any sort of personality in its sterile environment.  The 7th Guest, on the other hand, was an engaging story driven puzzler that while over the top at times did a great job of maintaining a certain mood, even if you were just fiddling with a mechanical puzzle.

7th guest 3 2It’s only appropriate then, given Myst’s return to Kickstarter that The 7th Guest makes its return as well.  The new game, The 7th Guest 3 : The Collector, is something that been teased for several years, and now fan have an opportunity to get their hands on it; provided enough money can be raised!  The 7th Guest 3 is the brainchild of Rob Landeros, who you may recognize as one of the guys who brought us the original, as well as its underappreciated sequel, The 11th Hour.  Rob and his team at Trilobyte don’t seem to be straying far from the formula that made the original so unique, including insidiously difficult puzzles, green screen actors over a pre-rendered background, and a very familiar character or two.

The 7th Guest 3 : The Collector will be on Kickstarter until December, at which point it will need to have raised $435,000.

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