retroworld1When was the golden era of gaming?  Whatever was happening when you were 14.

I forget who I stole that from, but it’s certainly true.  Things always look better in hindsight, and games are no exception.  Continuing that theme, we have RetroWorld from Scary Pixel.  Described as an open world RPG, RetroWorld transports you to a magically cartoonish 80’s town where everyone loves videogames.  Unfortunately for the citizens of this most perfect city, certain elements of the videogames are starting to bleed over into reality causing the sort of problems you would expect from such a scenario.  In the game players will not only be expected to get to the bottom of the strange world bending mystery, but also wait through the hype of new games and consoles coming out, saving money to buy said products, and actually doing the leg-work to find the games.  Remember, finding the must-have game in the 80’s wasn’t as easy popping on Amazon, you had to do some work; ya damn whippersnappers.

The world in RetroWorld looks like you would expect it to, with equal parts River City Ransom and Simpsons, it even includes playable knock-offs of classic arcade games.  It’s also worth mentioning that the music is being created by some ex-LucasArts talent.  Here’s some other highlights from the feature list :

  • Experience a wacky retelling of the video game industry while uncovering the mystery of why games are coming to life.
  • Explore a 3D stylized open world with various seasons, weather effects as well as night and day transitions.
  • Interact with colorful characters from gamers to folks simply enjoying small town life.
  • Play arcade and console games with your friends. (Some games feature real life multi-player options for up to 4 players.)
  • Some later gen games feature real Stereoscopic 3D, permitting you have the necessary hardware in your home. (3D types supported include Side by Side and Top and Bottom). Note that 3D viewing is not required to play these titles and is simply used for show.
  • Defend yourself using real-time combat in the over world using a variety of weapons taken from the environment as well as from the video games you play.

The RetroWorld Kickstarter campaign runs until December 11th and has a funding goal of $175,000.

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