dropsy-big-smile1Dropsy isn’t your normal adventure game.  This open world adventure game stars a curious looking clown that’s fallen on rough times since being kicked out of the circus after a horrific accident.  Dropsy isn’t loved by all, he doesn’t speak, he has a burning desire to hug everyone he meets, and his inventory is kept in his pants.  Dropsy seems a little less weird when you consider that Dropsy, and the ideas for his game, were created by Jay Tholen as part of a Choose Your Own Adventure style thread on the Something Awful Forums.

Jay was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about Dropsy the game, the man, and the entertainer.


Cliqist : Congratulations on hitting your funding goal so early in the campaign. What made this one different from the last?

Jay Tholen : Thanks! I think the biggest difference is the video. The video in our last campaign opened with a full minute of jokes before I got around to actually talking about the game. The newer one is packed with gameplay bits.

I also fleshed out the page itself with more screenshots and information, but I’d say the video is the biggest difference. I also had a core group of backers who returned from the unsuccessful campaign to support the project.



Cliqist : Did you ever consider giving up? It must be frustrating to come up short on funding.

Jay Tholen : No! I’d never give up on Dropsy. Though if this campaign was unsuccessful, I definitely would’ve looked for alternate funding solutions. Like organized crime. Just kidding.


Cliqist : What do you want people feeling when they walk away after playing Dropsy?

Jay Tholen : Good question. I’d like people to be excited to return later and discover more about the world. Dropsy isn’t a morality play, but it would be nice if the themes of kindness, compassion, and naive childlike love were carried over somehow.


Cliqist : Do you hate children? I can only assume that you do since you’ve made him so lovable and creepy at the same time.

Jay Tholen : Nah, kids are cool. He can’t help being creepy looking.



Cliqist : What inspired you to make the game dialogue free?

Jay Tholen : Dropsy’s character. I knew he couldn’t speak or communicate well, but figuring out how to implement that took a lot of brainstorming. I’m glad I did, because the dialogue system is definitely one of this game’s most unique features.


Cliqist : Your stretch goals are pretty low key, things that are just enhancing existing features. What was your thinking behind that?

Jay Tholen : Backer confidence! I get annoyed when projects go crazy with their stretch goals, and start expanding the scope of the game beyond their original vision. Instead of giving the game more content, I’m just using the money to enrich the experience. It’ll also lighten my workload, so I can focus on the things I’m good at. Acacia will take more animation work, Chris Schlarb will be on the soundtrack, and Melanie Ehrlich and David Saulesco will be adding some fun, subtle voice work.



Cliqist : How long before we have a Stuffies inspired Dropsy doll with secret storage?

Jay Tholen : Ha! Hopefully soon, but not during the campaign. I do want to get some kind of huggable Dropsy made eventually.


Cliqist : Can I have a hug?

Jay Tholen : Of course. Dropsy withholds hugs from no one.


Cliqist : Any final words you’d like to share?

Jay Tholen : Yes. I’d just like to thank our backers again, as well as everyone who has shared the project. Thank you all so much! It’s an incredible privilege. Keep sharing and spreading the word!


Cliqist : Can you close us out with a Dropsy inspired Haiku?

Jay Tholen :

Do not be afraid
He only wants to love you
A warm sweaty hug


Cliqist : Thanks for taking the time, it’s greatly appreciated!

Jay Tholen : Thank you! :0)


Thanks again to Jay for taking the time to answer our questions!

If you need more Dropsy in your life be sure to check out the Dropsy Kickstarter page.  You can also read our world exclusive interview with the one and only Dropsy right here, as well as check out our previous Dropsy coverage.

Before you go… Take a moment to check out this Dropsy curiosity.

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