longdarkThe folks over at Hinterland have posted a new update to the Long Dark Kickstarter page; it includes the usual stuff, including information on Steam, some gameplay details, and the latest press coverage of their snowy first person survival sim.  Most interestingly though is that they’ve hired some new talent, none other than Nihad Nasupovic, and Max Ramirez.  Nihad and Max are, of course, the duo formerly known as Raindrop Studios, which ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for their own Long Dark style survival game, Raindrop, last fall.  While the Raindrop Kickstarter campaign had a number of problems, the game itself looked very promising, so it’s good to see them land in familiar territory.

Hinterland continues work on The Long Dark since raising over $250,000 last October.  While there’s no release date yet, you can learn more about The Long Dark on their website, and even pledge some money in exchange for some backer rewards.

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