Let’s start by taking a look at some screenshots..

cradle2 cradle3 cradle4

Wow, right?

What you see up there are some images from Mojo Games’ upcoming first person adventure game Cradle.  With a Kickstarter campaign that launched last night the guys at Mojo Games are hoping to collect at least $350,000 to fund the completion of Cradle.  If they can collect that money by February 20th then players will be able to explore some beautiful fantasy worlds that look like they could put the work of Michael Whelan to shame.  Aside from some great looking graphics, and a focus on first person adventuring and exploration versus shooting, one thing that promises to set Cradle apart is the combat system.  Rather than furiously clicking around the screen players will find that skill and strategy are what will get them through combat.  According to Mojo Games combat in Cradle is “…driven by your intent and purpose, making your skill, not chance, what determines the outcome of battles.”  Sounds intriguing, we’ll just have to see how it all works out.  Hopefully better than previous experiments with revolutionizing close quarters combat.

The Cradle Kickstarter campaign runs until February 20th and has a funding goal of $350,000.

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