steamsquad2Bretwalda Games updated backers on the status of Steam Squad with some good news this morning, their alternate history WWI turn based strategy game has hit alpha.  Backers at the appropriate levels are being given their keys to download it from Desura as we speak.

Well great for them!  Why should non-backers care?  Steam Squad has been available for pre-order from Desura for some time now and advertised an Early Access release date of February 15th; with this alpha release it would seem that the date is pretty solid.  Alternately, if you’d rather wait for the full game, a March 30th release date is being advertised.  Whichever route you go the waiting will soon be over.

In a final note, non Desura fans will happy to know that Steam Squad was recently greenlit on Steam, so expect to see if there before too long.

You can learn more about Steam Squad from either it’s Kickstarter page or official website.

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