dark lands3Mingle Games, creators of the very fun Windows Mobile platformer Dark Lands are looking to expand their beautiful, brutal, and challenging creation.  Already a must-have title for anyone with a Windows Phone the developers are hoping to raise $10,000 in order to a level mode to the games’ existing endless run.  The team plans on putting having 40 levels spanning 4 unique worlds, as well as the addition of multiplayer.  If they can surpass their funding target and hit $20,000 then a PC and Mac version will be made, it also means 2 new worlds spanning 20 additional levels, as well as 4 additional bosses.

dark lands2Dark Lands is already an enjoyable time drain for anyone tired of the cartoonish styling of Jetpack Joyride, so with any luck they’ll have some degree of success on their Kickstarter so it can be expanded on.  Besides, the team looks like they need a pick-me-up, have you seen the funding video?  You’d think it was their families being slaughtered in the gameplay footage.  They did do a great of capturing the feel of the game though, in addition to some pretty boss action-coding sequences in the woods.

The Dark Lands Kickstarter campaign runs until February 22nd, so take a minute and check out that video.

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