horse world online3Stop it, stop giggling.  Horse World Online is a horse breeding simulator.  Horse breeding is much different than horse sex, at least that’s what Real Sports told me.  In Horse World Online you start with a horse and breed it with other select horses to create your master breed.  Through the breeding process you can focus on things as superficial as color and spotting, or go for the big money and go for size and power as well.  Players can also train their creations on their own customizable stable, complete with barns, pastures, and decorations.

horse world online2Once you’ve created your ultimate horse you can work with, or against, other players in a variety of ways; from racing, breeding, or even just growing your empire.  And don’t worry, if virtual horse pimping isn’t your thing you can instead focus your energies on crafting, being a vet, a blacksmith, or even a master trainer.

If you’re interested in learning more be sure to check out the Horse World Online Kickstarter page, it runs until February 27th and has a funding goal of only $6,000.

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