39 days to mars 2I’m no scientist, but it’s obvious that the scientific accuracy of 39 Days To Mars is questionable to say the least.  Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t air for another month, and I haven’t heard talk of an episode covering space travel using steam powered engines.  However, there’s little doubt that the game is very attractive artistically speaking.  The trailer has a very Beeswing vibe to it; it’s cute, full of wonder, and just a little melancholy.

The idea behind 39 Days To Mars is that you and a friend control a pair of 19th century steampunk space explorers, Albert and Baxster.  Unfortunately Albert and Baxster aren’t the smartest chaps and they need a lot of help with completing their mission, this includes solving various puzzles to keep their ship going, managing resources, and staying alive.

39 days to mars 3Philip Buchanan, the games’ developer, comes across as quite candid regarding what needs to be done on the project, and what he expects to deliver.  Given his development track history 39 Days To Mars seems like a pretty safe bet, especially given the humble Kickstarter goal of only $1,000.

The 39 Days To Mars Kickstarter campaign runs until March 4th, and if the initial $1,000 goal is met there’s the possibility that the game will move beyond its PC and Xbox 360 origins and onto other platforms like Ouya, Mac, Linux, and various mobile devices.

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