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lilly2Lilly Looking Through, a game by Geeta Games, isn’t your run of the mill point-and-click adventure. It’s way more simple and precious than that. You’ll get thrown right into the story, no menu whatsoever, only a little tutorial to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

It starts a little girl, called Lilly, and a frog. Lilly is intrigued by the animal and imitates its jumps. Soon a Lilly’s brother named Row, joins her and he gets swept away by a magical ribbon. It is up to Lilly to save him, with the help of a pair of magic goggles that lets her see the past. You can activate the goggles by clicking on an icon at the bottom of the screen, in doing so the world transforms before Lilly’s eyes and you can tell that she is amazed by all that she sees. This kind of little animations and subtle changes in the character of Lilly is what makes this game so amazingly cute.

lilly3Like I said before, this is not really an average point-and-click adventure game. There is no inventory whatsoever, so you don’t have to run around and backtrack to find objects which will come in handy later. You only have your goggles and some hints to get you through the hardest pasts. It’s more level based. Each level is a puzzle and it’s your task to solve it. Because of that it reminded me a little bit of Myst (a game I played too many times), in the fact that you only have a puzzle in front of you, on which you can fully concentrate. But as with Myst the puzzles in Lilly Looking Through aren’t easy. I’m afraid I can’t refrain from spoiling a bit, but at one point a bat steals your goggles and it took me quite some time to get them back!

lilly4Looking at the style of the game brings on a whole new level magic to this game. The adventuring and puzzles are fun, but the beautiful painted world with a spec of 3D here and there, is my favorite part. The objects that can move and Lilly and Row are just a bit different from the rest of the scenes, more three dimensional looking than the rest, which makes them stand just a little. Lilly and Row are also more simplistic than the background, which is quite rich in detail. Together with the enthusiastic way Lilly reacts to her surroundings this makes you want to follow her wherever she goes in the mystic fantasy world of Lilly Looking Through.

lilly5Yesterday this game was still sitting in my Steam account, untouched. Although I did want to try it out earlier, I was just too busy. I’m really glad I finally played it, because it is one of the cutest and loveliest games I have played in ages. I would suggest that you go try it out for yourself, maybe just the demo, but I guarantee you… Once you get a taste of this one, you’ll want to finish it in one sitting!


Game Info

Game : Lilly Looking Through

Developer : Geeta Games

Platforms : PC / MAC 

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