seduceme2Look me in the eye and tell me you’ve never wanted to be a Japanese schoolgirl. You couldn’t do it, could you? Didn’t think so. Well for those of you who proudly shouted “Of course I’d love to be a Japanese school girl! Sign me up!”, Seraphim Entertainment has been gathering funding for their newest romantic visual novel, Seduce Me. The twist? It will be free to play for everyone, so even those of you who aren’t sure about wanting to be a Japanese schoolgirl, you can give it a shot and risk absolutely nothing.

The story follows the player, the granddaughter of a recently deceased toy company CEO, who inherits a massive estate from her charitable, but unfortunately late, grandfather. When you arrive there are battered hotties strewn all over the place, unconscious and hot, and when they finally wake up, they tell tales of demons. What kind of horror do these demons commit, do you think? Maybe they eat children? Or maybe they steal your left sock, never to be seen again? Well, believe it or not, neither is quite evil or sexy enough for these beasts. These horrible demons feast upon the very sexual energy that lives inside us all.

While experiencing this deep and sexy tale, you can expect gorgeous artwork, an original score, and full voice acting to make your journey to one of 13 possible endings (along 5 different romantic routes) as immersive as possible. With backers getting grand rewards like “~ Surprise Kiss!! ~”artbooks, and messages from the game’s cast, it’s no surprise that Seduce Me has already earned over $2,000, but it still has a way to go before hitting its $4,000 goal by March 16th. The real question is this: Will you be ready when it does finally launch?

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