Jane Jensen, famed designer of the Gabriel Knight series and goth game developer extraordinaire, is just about ready to unleash her latest title to the world.  Moebius: Empire Rising will be released for Windows and Mac on April 15th according to a recent press release from Phoenix Online, the games publisher.

Jane, and her studio Pinkerton Road, raised over $430,000 for Moebius via Kickstarter back in May of 2012, and has done a solid job of keeping backers in the loop along every stage of development.  There’s been some grumblings that the remake of the classic Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers isn’t being considered as part of what people backed, but Moebius is looking good enough to keep the volume on complaints down.

We got a batch of Moebius screenshots for you to enjoy while you do your taxes and wait for the games’ release.  Less than two months and you’ll be stepping into the shoes of Malachi Rector as he investigates a murder, his curious government contract, and who gave him the last name of Rector.


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