depthtestDepth Test is one of those games I want to see happen so badly so that it can be expanded upon to its fullest potential, even if that potential only exists in my head.  The Depth Test and Kerbal Space Program comparison isn’t just simple link-bait, it’s a pretty accurate description of where the game is going.  In Depth Test players can build submersibles from a variety of available components then take it to the water and start exploring.  While exploring ocean depths may not seem as sexy to some, the idea of having to build a vehicle that not only controls well, but is also able to deal with the extreme pressures of deep dives is intriguing.  Furthermore, Depth Test features a ghost style multiplayer where players can see other peoples’ submersibles exploring; they can even go to other players’ wrecks and attempt to perform salvage operations.

While the Kickstarter page is very light on where the developer plans to take Depth Test in the future but in my fantasy world it involves underwater structures ‘ala Sphere, only with less alien death.  A guy can dream, can’t he?

The Depth Test Kickstarter campaign runs until March 21st and has a funding goal of £3,000.

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