sierraops3The IndieGoGo campaign for InnoMen Productions new game, Sierra Ops, is ending in less than two days, so you don’t have much time left to decide whether to back it.  The anime looking space game is actually a continuation, or ‘idealization’ as the developers describe it, of their well received Operation SD: Space Defense.  There are a number of significant differences between the two games:

  • An “overworld” system – a second battle layer which comprises a top-down view of all the units and structures in the battlescape. Every second here counts as a minute.
  • Timed scenarios/non-linear events, the results of which vary based on your choices and battle performance.
  • Sierra’s appearance being customizable.
  • The ability to take control of a small task force – you will have up to five units with you in battle, according to what you do in the story or side missions.
  • More stat point allocations, abilities to learn, weapons to prepare in combat, and types of platforms to deploy.
  • Generally improved User Interface, character artworks, music, and graphics.sierraops2

With the number of obvious changes being made it seems reasonable that the team would be asking for some additional funds.  Having exceeded their initial $4,500 target by over $3,000 the campaign has gone into stretch goal territory.  Stretch goals already unlocked include more precise ship system control, additional ship designs, additional artwork, more map locations, additional events, and more mini quests.  Head over to the Sierra Ops IndieGoGo page for additional details on the game, as well as a lengthy gameplay video that gives one a good idea of what the game is like.

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