aceprincess2WHOA! Look at dem greeeephics! *ehem* In the fine tradition of one of the most beloved genres of video games to ever be played by mortal man, Axe Princess sets out to recreate that retro charm with huge, bouncy nostalgia and a bit of harmless ultra-violence. With winning and wholesome personalities such as Axe Princess and her friend Spear Girl (I guess), this game dares to put women at the forefront of their game, and in an industry that’s plagued by an abundance of male protagonists… Well, I think that’s damn progressive.

The perky and jiggly gameplay revolves around our fair protagonist fighting off waves of faceless enemies in her quest to kick the shit out of people for money. That’s right, folks, we’ve got bounty hunting here too! Capture your foes dead or alive, and viciously murder anyone in your path. Why? Because you’re a warrior princess trained by stark-naked barbarians and that’s just what you do. Fighting off waves of shark men and pink cannibals in all in a day’s work for Axe Princess, on a quest to discover her past and sculpt her future.

axeprincess3It’s suprising that this isn’t the single most successful fundraiser ever conducted since the dawn of time immemorial, but Axe Princess is still seeking funding, and if you hurry over to their Kickstarter page, the team may just be courteous enough to take your money. Quickly, though, because if this Kickstarter is the veritable motherload of cash I think it is, the developers may soon be absolutely drowning in a sea of $500 bills.

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