celestian3Oh, great, here we go, another boring, role-playing game. I bet I’m the chosen one, right? Gonna go fight a dragon or stop the big mean evil sorcerer? I bet there will be some goblins and maybe a giant rat or 3. Wait… Wait just a second… This RPG claims to be different. It claims to have a refreshing story, with less explored themes? The moral grey area of “right” and “wrong” is brought into question in a tale of betrayal and questionable justice over the course of three decades? It appears to be so, and the package this shining promise might come in is called Celestian Tales: Old North.

Indonesian developers Ekuator Games is about to try and revolutionize the RPG storytelling medium with their newest tale, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and looking like it’s going to beat its goal and then some. I’m a huge fan of RPGs, and as well played as I am, I can tell you that what Ekuator is planning on doing could end up redefining the way RPG storytelling is done, throwing out all the tropes and clichés in favor of a deep and though provoking story that explores actual human weakness. This isn’t the tale of a single hero on a holy quest to kill an unquestionable evil, it’s the story of six people and the land they live in as it evolves and survives turmoil unknown.

celestian2 The enemy encounters are also going to be less frequent, but highly crucial, and avoiding a fight may help you in unexpected ways. For instance, the elven people aren’t prone to trust people who run around the woods killing fey creatures.  Celestian Tales: Old North is one of the best-looking RPGs currently seeking funding, and I would highly recommend any fellow RPG fans keep a sharp eye out for this one.

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