leavenonebehind2Alternative history has been the focus of many a book and blockbuster film, but there are notably fewer video games that take advantage of this interesting storytelling niche. Taking relatable themes and boosting their interest level by adding fictional elements could lead to many an interesting gameplay mechanic, and one of the few games that sees the potential here is the single-player co-op puzzler, Leave None Behind.

In Leave None Behind, you take on the interesting role of three AWOL soldiers during WWII trying to escape from the prison they were all sent to. None of them know where this prison is, or why exactly they were all sent there, kept under lock and key by a mysterious German man offering “security”. The three main characters in the game may not agree with each other all the time, but our three “heroes” soon realize that the only way for them to make their escape is by biting their tongues, gritting their teeth, and working together. The only problem is that every step they take towards freedom is a step into the unknown, and before long a more sinister truth begins to become clear…

Australian studio Practure is spearheading this project, hoping to meet their $25,000 goal within the next month or so. On their Kickstarter page, you can find the list of quality incentives for more generous backers and even a link to download a playable demo of Leave None Behind. Stretch goals include more levels, more publicity for the game, and even an earlier release, possibly on consoles. Leave None Behind is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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