kodama2Rooted deeply in Japanese folklore and culture of the Genroku period, Kodama is a physics-based puzzle platformer with unique and outstanding hand-painted environments and characters. With no user interface, Kodama promises a natural and experience-based progression, allowing you to learn as you go and understand yourself and the world around you without the need for pop-ups and life bars. You play as a small tree spirit, working against a force that threatens the very forest you, and many other creatures, call home. It’s up to you to use the environment to defeat the enemies you face, all of which are taken from actual Japanese legend and folklore.

 As a tree spirit, you are able to absorb water and sunlight, altering your weight, your strength, your resistance to forces such as wind and current, and your abilities. When full of water, you can even summon flora to access new areas. The story and atmosphere of Kodama is 100% Shinto. Allowing you to do little things like washing your hands before entering a temple is a big part of what is going to make the titles immersive, authentic, and highly detailed, and exploring not only the in-game world, but the real-life folklore is an exciting and unique feature.

Kodama is currently under development and seeking funding on Kickstarter with stretch goals to include PSVita and console releases on the horizon. This is the team’s first joint project, but the individuals involved in this game have extensive experience with film, music, gaming, and art, and there is no shortage of talent between them. Stretch goals include Beta access, artwork, and several ways to put your name or likeness into the game in a variety of period-correct ways.

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