jetgetters2Online competitive gaming has a massive following, but few can deny how run-of-the-mill many online games are. Companies compete to make the best version of either Counter Strike or DotA, and everything else is a niche or a mild variation of one of those two. Then there’s JetGetters. JetGetters is an aerial combat game. There are two teams of jets, and they try to shoot each other. However, you don’t have to stay in your plane, and I’m not talking about walking around on the ground. If you get out, you’re going to fall out, and you may want to do just that.

What really sets JetGetters apart from other online games is the crazy plane-stealing mechanic – allowing you to jump out of your plane, hook onto an opponent’s jet, and fly it away as they fall into the ocean below. Being shot down doesn’t mean you’ve been defeated, and this unique recovery mechanic is something I’ve never seen before. Other features include riding on an ally’s plane, and even hijacking missiles and steering them around after an enemy has fired it. There will also be multiple classes of jet to allow players to work with their strong suits, and an easy-to-learn control scheme that encourages new players to join in the fun.

JetGetters is currently seeking funding, and you can reserve your copy for a $10 pledge. The game has already been confirmed for a Steam release. Developed by Seattle’s very own tinyBuild games, creators of No Time To Explain, JetGetters is set for a tentative release this holiday season, and there are plenty of early bird backing spots left as of this second, so come check it out on Kickstarter.

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