boothill2David Welch of Experimental Gamer isn’t having a great day.  What’s wrong exactly?  His western RPG Boot Hill Heroes is having a hard time getting on Steam.  To be more specific, the games’ Steam Greenlight campaign was going pretty well for a while, and it looked like Steam gamers could find themselves able to purchase the game in no time.  At one point the game reached the 60% mark, some solid progress that was the result of over 4,500 gamers giving the game a “Yes” vote.  So what happened?  I’ll let David fill you in.

“But the rank to the top 100 just froze at 60%. From there it would not budge for weeks on end, despite my best efforts. In the meantime, my ego took another beating as other games soared past it on Greenlight.  Then something happened that crushed me. Something I didn’t know was even possible in the Steam Greenlight process…  The Boot Hill Heroes Steam Greenlight rank actually dropped in rank. I’m not just failing to gain ground, I’m losing ground…”

There’s no way that feels good!

I’m not asking you to vote Yes to get Boot Hill Heroes on Steam, that’s a decision you need to make for yourself.  But if you’re not in the habit of Greenlight voting, or if you overlooked Boot Hill Heroes, maybe it’s time to give it a look.  Our very own Mitchell Long is finishing up his review of the game, and it seems like he really enjoyed it, so I know which way we’ll be voting. 

How about you?

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