deadofthedead2There are plenty of games out there these days that let you run around killing zombie. This has gotten to the point of insanity lately, so it’s nice to see a studio do something a little different, and it looks like the folks over at Dark Screen Games are trying to do it right by letting the player take the role of the zombie, and while this has done before, it looks like Dead of the Dead will take this idea to a level of depth that it’s never seen before…

Dead of the Dead is an action/survival game where you are the first zombie, and your job is to turn “mild inconvenience” into “full blown zombocalypse” by any means necessary. Your tools of domination include eating brains and other parts of your prey (yes, it matters), turning people into zombies, and commanding your army to inflict massive damage and survive against increasingly well-armed citizens. You will also be able to use the environment to deal with enemies and become an invincible Berserker zombie as you devour your foes, increasing your strength, speed, or agility.

Dead of the Dead is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and a Greenlight on Steam, so it won’t cost you a dime to support this title. If you aren’t quite convinced yet, their Kickstarter page has several different gameplay videos, and, if you can forgive some incredibly broken English, a wealth of information and options for backers. Under development by Dark Screen Games, it’s Dead of the Dead.

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