Who wouldn’t want to party hard with some Alpacas? Ain’t no party like an Alpaca party! Just let me go get some glow sticks and we’ll get this goin’- Wait, it’s not that kind of party? But you told me there would be karaoke.

It’s mobile? Welp, let me grab my phone. Let’s get this party started.

Just look at those adorable fluffy creatures. How could you resist?

Just look at those adorable fluffy creatures. How could you resist?


Meowpuff started a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month for Alpaca Party, a mobile game where you can discover and collect Alpaca of various colors and designs, collect party accessories, and turn up the tunes for your Alpaca friends.  The funding goal is only 2.5K and Meowpuff has successfully raised 2.9K so far with plenty of time remaining in their campaign to reach some stretch goals.

Put delicious treats under a box to attract different kinds of Alpaca and collect them all. The options range from Tranformer/robotic Alpaca to an adorable Ice Cream Sundae Alpaca. There’s over 52 unique Alpaca to collect. We need attendees for the party! Plus, you’ll be able to document them all in your handy dandy Alpacapedia.

Once you’ve gathered together your Alpaca friends, it’s time to get the party essentials to make it one heck of a shindig! Shave your Alpaca to collect funds  for attractions to make your party even more epic. Purchase different kinds of treats to attract specific kinds of Alpaca.

Once you have everything you need, set up the jams with all your Alpaca and enjoy the beautiful, adorable, cuddly , fluffy dancing that commences!

The Alpaca Party Kickstarter campaign runs until April 8th.



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