projectmaiden3Many of us have been excited about the upcoming release of Project Maiden, “a Zeldalike in reverse”, but unfortunately for us, there’s not a ton of media coverage on this unique but low-profile game. Successfully funded last July, Kevin B. Cole’s brainchild has revealed quite a bit more about itself since the initial closing of the Kickstarter. Just in case you’ve missed out on this title, here’s what’s been going on in the updates section.

First of all, the game’s made a ton of progress since July, and we’ve even been showed a nice video of some early gameplay that you can watch over on the updates page, but that’s just the latest news. In the buildup to that, screenshots of various environments and test levels have been drip-fed to backers over the past months, and we’ve also been introduced to Project Maiden’s interesting dialogue delivery systems with 16-bit lip synching and in-game cutscenes that keep the flow going and add to your sense of immersion. Here are just a couple of the currently released screens, more of which can be found by clicking on these words right here.





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