mark2Mark of the Old Ones looks like it’s going to turn out very well, but it needs the support of people like you and I (and your friends, if they have any money) to get off the ground. Utilizing an interesting physics-platformer gameplay style with the Metroidvania level design philosophy looks like it’s going to yield some impressive gameplay, and Mark of the Old Ones looks like it has the lore and look to back it up.

mark3In Mark of the Old Ones, you’re a small non-descript blob of tentacles who swings around a deeply atmospheric and gorgeous world solving puzzles and hopefully not dying too much. Mark of the Old Ones titles itself a Metroidvania, so in Metroidvania tradition, you’ll be using your existing powers to gain new powers to access new areas and totally explore everything. Some powers you’ll be granted throughout the game will be the ability to swingy-swingy with your radical tentacles, change your mass on-the-fly, and even give yourself magnetic properties to get around the world and deal with all manner of sticky situation. The music is great, you can listen to it on the Kickstarter for yourself, and the look of Mark of the Old Ones is very polished, especially considering how far from completion the game currently is.

To give Mark of the Old Ones a tentacle, head on over to Kickstarter and explore the various reward tiers. Make sure to get the good ones before they’re gone, but if you’re still on the fence about funding this project, Kickstarter also has a wealth of information beyond what I’ve provided here.


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