beatdowncity2Treachery in Beatdown City has returned to Kickstarter after an unsuccessful campaign last month. Its refreshing take on brawlers didn’t attract quite the attention it needed to at the time, but since it’s back for round two, so are we. Does Treachery in Beatdown City have what it takes? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Treachery in Beatdown City meshes elements of an arcade beat-em-up with turn-based strategic combat sensibilities, allowing you to plan a combo out in a menu while movement and combat are still largely real-time and action-y. The graphical choices are very true to the retro inspiration Treachery in Beatdown City draws from, right down to the pretty, pretty faces of the playable characters. Different character offer different ways to play, and gameplay videos of the game’s current state show it working pretty well. The combat system may seem strange, but once you see it in action, you’ll understand how much sense it makes. The music is slick, and fits the game perfectly, and the graphics are very reminiscent of River City Ransom, one of Treachery’s major sources of inspiration.

To take a closer look at this unique title’s second try at getting funded, you can check out their Kickstarter page and their sweet-ass rewards for backers to see if it tickles your fancy. There’s also tons of info, gameplay videos, GIFs, and everything else that makes a project cool. If this looks like your thing, give Treachery in Beatdown City a chance. It just seems so determined to exist, and I respect that.

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