shiningempire2A land shrouded with mystery and perils unknown born from the mind of a game developing veteran with over 25 years of experience is now seeking funding on Kickstarter to supplement their already-met goal of $1,400. Shining Empire, a game that boasts over 1,000 hours of gameplay, has reached its first goal and is starting to get to its stretch goals. What can we expect from this epic, life-consuming tale?

Shining Empire is, for all intents and purposes, a “retro” RPG, meaning that it sticks to the tight, clean, 16-bit aesthetic of the 90’s RPGs that more or less defined a generation of gamers. Creating Shining Empire is a fittingly veteran team that’s been making games for 25 years, with their most popular title being Mario Paint Composer. Combat will be tactical and turn-based, but on a massive scale, with game-changing factors like castles and other fortifications keeping things interesting and always in motion. The game will not hold your hand and lead you from quest objective to quest objective. This is an adventure, and one that sticks closely to retro sensibilities while utilizing modern-day tech to bring us the best experience possible.

Shining Empire is currently being developed and, if all goes according to plan, will be released in October of 2014. Funding goals have been met, but there are many stretch goals beyond the $1,400 initial goal. Shining Empire will be released first for PC and Mac, but an Xbox 360 and Xbox One version is also on the horizon. If you want to learn a bit more or take a look at those reward tiers, the Kickstarter page is only a click away.


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