salvaged2Imagine you’re a person. Now imagine that person has a mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Android-based tablet. Imagine that person also has a PC, and they’re just dying for a way to use their mobile device and PC in beautiful, harmonious tangent. Now tell that imaginary person to read this article about Salvaged, an upcoming title for PC that, you guessed it, uses a mobile device in a pretty cool way. It’s not exactly a mobile game, but it’s not exactly a PC game either. Maybe it is, but it’s… A… PC game that you control with your mobile… It makes sense when I’m not trying to explain it, I promise.

Salvaged is a tactical action game for PC that you control with your mobile device. On your computer, you see the game through the eyes on your four units on the ground, and on your mobile, you see a minimap-like representation of the overall action on the field. Things play a bit like an RTS, where you choose where your units go and how they behave. Your goal is to fly through space and get all up into a wrecked ship, salvage it, eradicate hostile aliens, and get paid. This is one of those games with perma-death, so I expect that it’ll flow a bit like FTL.

All things considered, it’s hard to describe Salvaged, but the Kickstarter page has a wealth of info, including gameplay footage, better explanations, and sweet, sweet reward tiers. The project has a fairly high funding goal of $125,000, but with a little help and a ton of pledges, this can be a reality.


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