exogenesis1There are more than a few visual novels on Kickstarter. There are… Soooooo many. That’s great for fans of the medium, but for many of us, there are just too many to sift through to find one that really speaks to us. Few achieve the level of polish that can really catch the eye of someone who’s not already into these things, so I thought I should bring Exogenesis to your attention. I even have reasons.

First of all, Exogenesis has a dynamite level of polish on it already, with smooth animations and a well thought-out Kickstarter video that really does well to demonstrate what the game’s going to be all about. The story of Exogenesis promises intrigue, mystery, moral choices, puzzles, and more. Characters will live or die based on your decisions, leading to multiple endings that add up to over 20 hours of unique gameplay. The artwork is gorgeous, and while I can’t find anything in the Kickstarter indicating that the game will be voice acted, the promotional video is, so if nothing else, that’s a good sign.

Exogenesis is definitely the visual novel to watch right now, but tastes vary, so make sure you check out Kickstarter for yourself before you make any decisions about this one. Luckily, you can check out full character synopsis, lists of features, and there’s a playable demo up right now that you can go play to make sure this is the project for you. If you like the idea but don’t want to back it just yet, you can support the title for free by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.



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