primulus1Many games these days, even multiplayer experiences that seemingly allow you to choose your adventure, have a predetermined narrative. You’re the chosen one, or you’re the world’s last hope, or you’re magic. Something is special about you, even if there’s something special about 5 million people in the game too. Well, in Primulus, you can be a janitor. Boom.

Primulus is a freeform multiplayer RPG where the story isn’t told, it’s performed, and nobody but you and whoever you choose to play with has any influence on how the story plays out. You create your character, you pick out a job, and you run a research facility. Things can go horribly wrong, however, in your pressurized moon base. Traitors can be dealt with taser-style, but there are other dangers, like the inhospitable world outside your facility. There’s a huge selection of jobs, too, ranging from the aforementioned janitor to things like Chief of Security, Miner, and Atmos Technician, and everyone has a role to play. Matches will play out in rounds, with each round being a day, and game modes will pit players against each other in a variety of ways, sometimes even turning a team of players into a self-replicating race of not-so-nice aliens.

If you’re even vaguely interested in this campaign, I encourage you to head on over to Kickstarter and check it out in a little more detail, because there’s much more information than I have room for here. You can also check out some reward tiers, stretch goals, artwork, and gameplay footage of all existing gameplay mechanics. Primulus is currently being developed by a small two-man team called Indigni LLC for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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