A quick update on the side scrolling 16 bit fighter Insanity’s Blade.  The last time we reported on Insanity’s Blade its release date was being pushed back to May 18th due to the number of features being added to the game.  Good news? Bad news?  Who knows, but at least it’s not a cancellation.

The latest update to the Insanity’s Blade Kickstarter page isn’t as bad as a cancellation, but it doesn’t paint the most positive picture.  According to the team putting this Rygar meets Trojan meets Castlevania fighter together, they’re having a lot of technical trouble.  The update states that they’ve added too much content for the game engine they’re using to handle. A case of humble-bragging?  Doubtful, as the technical hurdles mean that they’re not going to be able to release the game with the promised “NES Mode.”  The special lo-fi mode will eventually get released, it just won’t be part of the original package.  Toss in details of the problems the team is having getting the game to run on Linux and Mac and you could be forgiven for getting a little stressed.

Is there a silver lining to this whole situation?  Yup!  Two of them actually.  The first is that the PC version of Insanity’s Blade is still scheduled for release on May 18th.  The second is the handful of screenshots included in the Kickstarter update.  So what if you can’t play the game yet, at least you can look at some pretty pictures.

insanity6  insanity5  insanity4  insanity3  insanity2  insanity1


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