insanitybladeCausual Bit Games has sent out word that their low-fi action platformer Insanity’s Blade: The Arcade Experience has been delayed.  The good news is that as of now the delay only pushes the game back a few months to May 18th.  Citing the desire to get players “…the best experience out of the box instead of rushing it out the door…” Chris from the team indicated that a number of new features being added to the game are the culprit for the delay.

Insanity’s Blade raised about $7,000 on Kickstarter back in December on the premise of it being an oldschool 8bit action title.  Since then the game and been upgrade to a 16bit style experience, a pretty positive change for an already exciting game.

To help you with your wait until May here’s a couple screenshots to get you by.  You can also download the demo.  Feel free to vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you like it.


insanityblade4 insanityblade2 insanityblade3

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