amplitude3Harmonix is known for some of the most popular and influential music oriented games out there, like the original Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central. But Amplitude is the game that paved the way for music games all the way back in the early 2000s. Diehard fans have been pleading for years for a sequel of some sort for Amplitude. It’s time to go back to the beginning.

And their voices have been heard!

In the eleven years since its release, game production and technology as changed drastically. Harmonix wants to take the concept of the original Amplitude and give it a whole new spin on the modern game consoles. Amplitude will be built on a new game engine and run significantly faster for better control over timing. The new Amplitude is going to be a remake of the previous game; but Harmonix promises it’s going to be bigger, better, and cleaner on both the Playstation 3 and 4.

amplitude2The music is planned to be electronic-oriented, centering on a variation of moods ranging between dark and heavy to flamboyantly upbeat to keep the player engaged and interested. As for difficulty, remember how hard Amplitude was?  The way it had you in a fetal position sobbing, bobbing your head along to the music? Brace yourself for even more trauma. This version of Amplitude is designed to really bring on a challenge.

Harmonix is aiming for $775K through Kickstarter and the campaign will conclude on May 23. By pledging $15, backers will have an early download link to the game when it’s completed. At the moment, $154K has been raised and there’s only 17 days left to go.


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