Apologies if that headline didn’t make sense!

organic3What I mean to say is that Last Limbs’ Organic Panic can be yours very soon. Described as “Worms meets Little Big Planet” Organic Panic is a themed physics puzzler that pits some adorable fruits and veggies against the dastardly good tasting foods of meat and cheese. Players can build and share their own levels using the in-game editor ala Little Big Planet; in fact, building crazy levels appears to be huge part of the fun. If, like me, you have no talent for level design, you can always download news levels for free.

Courtesy of the official Organic Panic website, here’s a brief list of additional features you can expect in the game:

  • Destructible levels with fully interactive fluids.
  • A physics puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain-teasing levels.
  • Loads of fun game modes, including Co-op and Versus.
  • All of the levels were built using the simple drag ‘n draw in-game editor.
  • Build, share and rate you own crazy physics levels – endless gameplay variety!
  • The Game Menu serves as a giant sticker book for both adventure and user levels.
  • A twisted comic book guides the single player game through the wild worlds of Organic Panic.

organic2Organic Panic has been in production for 6 years now, so it’s great to see it being released.  Don’t worry, it was only Kickstarted last August, so backers didn’t have to wait too long for their big day. That big day, May 14th, is when you’ll be able to purchase Organic Panic via Steam Early Access.

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