I love Starwhal: Just The Tip. It’s probably the single finest pick-up-and-play multiplayer experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve had hour of fun pissing my friends off because I play a lot by myself. It’s a game of skill and luck, but it’s mostly a game of fun. Michael from Rooster Teeth can ride on your back, and it’s awesome. You can smash your Starwhal tail against things, and it’s also awesome, and when you gather a few of your friends around for some 4-player local combat, all of that awesomeness is quadrupled, so what happens when such a great game gets a good update? Well, it’s pretty awesome.

This isn’t a massive, game-changing update by any stretch of the imagination, but since the core game is already damn near perfect, I think that’s okay. This update is already live, so if you already have the game, you probably already have this update, but for those of you who’ve been looking for a reason to buy Starwhal, maybe this will be the tipping point that sends you careening down the black hole into the kingdom of fantastic multiplayer. The update includes a new world, Forsaken, and three new arenas, The High ground, The Clash, and Moebius, all distributed through the new and existing arenas. The High Ground is the focal point of these new maps, including lava that the AI is entirely too stupid to try to avoid, but The Clash has these bouncy-bouncy squares that really spice things up, and it’s fun. IU has been tweaked, details have been added to the arenas, and the overall graphical flair of the game has taken a step in the right direction. There have also been a few new customization options added, such as a set of matching ice cream clothes, a snail, and a donut, but the ability to assign teams to AI is still missing. Keep in mind that this is a beta, but also keep in mind that it’s a beta being sold for $9.99.

starwhal00005Overall, if you don’t have Starwhal, get it, because it’s a great game, it’s incredibly fun with friends, and it’s getting better all the time. Dressing up your Starwhal is fun, playing the game is responsive and highly enjoyable, game modes are all unique and add to gameplay, and the maps are varied enough to make you want to try them all, each with its own little quirks. You can grab Starwhal: Just the Tip on Steam for $9.99, and you and all your friends can have a fantastic time with it.


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