beastsfury3Two friends sitting together in front of a screen, controllers in hand, button mashing and just completely obliterating the each player. Imagine it; it’ll make you smile, especially if you’ve ever played a fighter. It’s a battle of getting the best combo; it’s a war of swiftness. There aren’t enough fighter games these days but that’s about to change.

Ryhan Stevens has a dream: make a 2D fighting game reminiscent of his old favorites; to make one just like the classics. With Beast’s Fury, he’s on the right track.

beastsfury2Funded via IndieGoGo last summer to the tune of $21,000 Beast’s Fury has been in production for some time, with the Kickstarter video showing the lovely results of that effort. However, being an amateur developer and not an accountant, Ryhan underestimated the costs involved in making the game of his dreams. Work has been part time, which means that progress has been slower than what Ryhan would like. And with that, Beasts Fury is on Kickstarter for some additional funds to complete the demo so that the game can be shown at some fighting game events.

More specifically, the Kickstarter funding is so that Ryhan can get some animators working on the project full time; it also would allow the development window to shrink to just a couple of months. How much money is being asked for? $45,000, a number that seems a bit more reasonable than the original IndieGoGo campaigns $5,000 target.

Beast’s Fury is fairly unique for its anthropomorphic character design, similarity to the classics, and the fact that it’s an indie fighting game. It’s just not something you see every day, especially since it’s not trying to be off-the-wall crazy (hello Divekick). If you would like to support this latest round of funding for Beast’s Fury you have until June 19th to do so.


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